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West Aussie grain farmers are renowned for leading the world in cutting edge technology and innovation, and you can be a part of this exciting industry with a fulfilling, rewarding and exciting #grainfarm job, from seeding, to spreading, spraying, hay making and harvesting. 

Modern grain farms operate at the cutting edge of technology, and grain farm jobs include seeder operation, tractor driving, header driving (usually for seasoned operators: something to look forward to), chaser bin driving (great if you love technology, tractors and machinery, and reckon you might be pretty good at driving it), truck drivers, mechanics and ground crew, to keep the show on the road.


Seeding usually runs from April until June, hay making around September, with the Grain Harvest starting around October, with most areas winding up in time for Christmas. Scroll down for more!


The grains industry is the second largest contributor (after mining) to Western Australia’s economy, with the crop worth over $5 billion every year to our economy.  It is vital to WA’s economy that the crop comes off efficiently and safely, while providing amazing outback work opportunities to our city friends.


Pay rates for a #grainfarmjob commonly range from $25 to $35 per hour, plus super, accommodation, and often meals as well.

The days can be long (12 hours plus at times), the work can be physical, and if you are driving the 600 horsepower $800,000 machines, you will be expected to handle that responsibility seriously – as if it was your own.

A #grainfarmjob is probably not for those with serious health issues, or if a 60+ hour week is likely to wear you down.  But if you are fit, smart, and enjoy the outdoors, while learning to operate some very cool machines, grain harvest could be just the thing you are looking for.

Regardless of your level of experience, you will find that grain farmers will train you on the job, plus there are some professional training courses available if you really want to impress. Follow the links below to find out more.

PLUS: free money available for harvest 2021!

As at September 2021 there are very generous government incentives in place, with low application thresholds for workers who relocate for a #grainfarmjob, with up to $6000 available here from the federal government plus $280 per week here from the Western Australian state government.  This is on top of your wages! (Other states may also have applicable incentives)

Come on, you would be mad to put it off!


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